Our Community Impact

Community impact

We care about the communities in which we operate. A portion of the project fees received by Resource Innovations is used to actively support community programs and groups in our client regions.

We have provided sponsorship in regions including Sunshine Coast, Cooktown, Townsville, Hervey Bay, Ipswich, Newcastle and Brisbane. We are proud to support the work of the following organisations.


Warwick Boxing Club

The Boxing Club has a history dating back over 50+ years. The club has produced many State, Commonwealth and Olympic Game contenders.

The Club over time has evolved to now include a wider membership that encompasses people of all ages. Most have a common goal, to get fit and stay in shape for their health and mental stability. The ethos of the club was to help and assist young men and women to be a better person and to be a contributing member of our society.

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Fifteen-year-old Tyrone shifted to Warwick with his mother and his sister when he was 10 years old after a family break-up. Tyrone was the victim of bullying when he was at school due to his body weight. 

He joined the Boxing Club to get fitter and lose some weight. Over the years, with encouragement from all at the group and trainer Damien Lawler, Tyrone is now a contributing member of the group and has ambitions to one day be a Pro Boxer. 

Tyrone, in his words, has learned to not bother with the things he can’t change, and to look to the future. He has leant discipline and patience; he is now a proficient boxer and a very fit young man. He doesn’t get involved in any untoward behaviour at school or anywhere else. He has learnt to be comfortable in his own skin.

Liworaji Aboriginal Corporation

Liworaji Aboriginal Corporation is based in Ipswich and provide a number of essential services not only to First Nations people but to everyone in the Greater Ipswich area. 

These include services in relation to a food program, domestic and family violence awareness, training courses including readiness for work courses, cross-cultural awareness programs and a partnership with Hutchinson Builders who seek to involve First Nations people in it construction activities.

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Liworaji Aboriginal Corporation, managed by Aunty Maria and Aunty Lily, is based in Ipswich and provide a number of essential services not only to First Nations people but to everyone in the Greater Ipswich area. 

Financially disadvantaged people including those at risk from domestic violence or people experiencing homelessness are also supported with clothing and household items as they run an Op shop within their headquarters and provide assistance to all members of the community. More than that, they provide a place of welcome, a cup of tea and links to community connection and support.

We recently provided Aunty Maria and Aunty Lilly funds to purchase a number of men’s care backpacks which were filled with toiletry items, a towel and food vouchers for those experiencing homelessness.

We hope to work further with Liworaji in setting up a drop in Community Kitchen for those needing immediate support.

Soul-Cafe supported by Resource Innovations

Soul Cafe

Soul Café is based in Newcastle and was set up in 2003. The organisation strives to serve the needs of the poor, needy and vulnerable, a purpose they continue to pursue with energy and passion.

Their mantra of doing ‘all that we can with what we have’ is a core value that resonated with us at Resource Innovations. Today, the increasing numbers of disadvantaged people in our communities mean organisations such as Soul Café are providing much needed assistance.

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Soul Café not only feeds numerous guests in the local cafe, but are also committed to being ‘more than a meal’ by delivering a wide range of help and support to everyone that comes in. This can range from accommodation to drug and substance abuse programs, haircuts, laundry, and legal and medical services. Whatever guests need, they try to help them access it.

Most importantly they deliver hope – hope that people care and that lives can heal.