Engineering & Technical Services

Engineering & Technical Services

We provide a range of services to the waste industry including landfill engineering and management, environmental and groundwater monitoring, and design and construct services. We can also assist with peer review and Expert Witness for clients.

Landfill engineering and management

  • A full design and construct service
  • Facility siting
  • Site investigations and characterisation
  • Facility plans (master planning, site based management plan, operational and filling plan)
  • Landform modelling and airspace assessment
  • Development application support
  • Concept and detailed designs
  • Capital and operational budget estimates
  • Leachate and stormwater management
  • Landfill gas management
  • Landfill closure and post-closure management
  • Operation and compliance auditing

Environmental management

  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental approvals and support
  • Environmental monitoring program development
  • Environmental monitoring


  • Dewatering, depressurisation and seepage control – design and implementation
  • Groundwater quality studies
  • Groundwater remediation option assessment, system design and implementation
  • Groundwater monitoring strategies, monitoring plans, implementation and data collection
  • Supervision of groundwater drilling investigations and construction of hydrogeological monitoring bore networks
  • Hydraulic testing and data analyses, from test pumping to packer and drill stem tests
  • Numerical flow and transport modelling
  • Well design, installation, testing and rehabilitation
  • Wellhead protection and aquifer assessment and management
  • Permitting for withdrawal, discharge and recharge

Construction Services

  • Engineering design and construct
  • Superintending
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Construction certification
  • As constructed drawings
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Construction cost estimating

Peer Review and Subject Matter Expert

  • Andrea Taft can assist with peer review and Expert Witness for clients.
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