Disaster Waste Management

Our experience shows that developing a disaster waste management plan can greatly improve outcomes when natural disasters such as cyclones and floods generate large amounts of unplanned waste. Disaster waste significantly impacts a local Council’s waste airspace and waste collection activities. These events need to be responded to quickly and efficiently to support community recovery. Council’s rarely have capacity to manage disaster waste as normal waste activities are still required throughout and following disaster events.

During the Brisbane flood event in February 2022, Resource Innovations and Optimal Site Performance worked with Cleanaway and Brisbane City Council. We designed and obtained approval for two disaster waste facilities, assisted with appointment of a construction coordinator and superintended the cell construction and closure.

Andrea Taft has 20 years of landfill engineering and management experience with a detailed understanding of waste management needs. Rob McGahey has 30 years of landfill operations and construction management and an unsurpassed ability to work with inexperienced operators to manage temporary sites. David Taft provides site-based services to manage construction in line with licensing and approvals requirements.

Our teams can work with and support Local Disaster Management Groups throughout all phases:

Disaster Preparedness

      • Preliminary identification and design of alternate/temporary sites for disaster waste facilities

    Disaster Response

        • Identification of sites for disaster waste disposal and temporary waste storage prior to disposal


          • Temporary/short term waste facility design and design changes as waste volumes become more certain


            • Assist with initial approvals and manage changes based on disaster event progression


              • Engagement of construction contractors, materials sourcing, superintending and supervision

            Environmental Management

                • Planning and approvals for all environmental management aspects

              Disposal Operations

                  • Management of transport (coordinated by authorities) to final disposal, or storage

                  • Equipment management

                  • Waste receival and disposal activities

                Site Closure

                    • Capping design and construction


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