Hit the Target with Grant Funding

Grant funding from the Federal and State Governments is increasingly available for projects that support resource recovery targets.

It’s a competitive process and you need to develop a compelling case and communicate effectively to secure the $.

Resource Innovations recently participated in a grant funding webinar contributed to by representatives from all State Governments. These are some of the tips and tricks for creating a compelling argument and increasing your chances of funding success:

  1. Check you’re eligible. Don’t waste your time if your organisation does not meet the criteria
  2. Tell us why you’re the best team! Successful grants map out and clearly articulate the partners and how you are going to collaborate to achieve success.
  3. Clearly articulate the business case. Present detailed financial benefits and costs for both capital and operational expenditure.
  4. Have a project delivery plan. How will you deliver the project, over what time and by who?
  5. Substantiate your claims and provide evidence. Show where success has been achieved previously and by who, to build credibility. If you are ground-breaking, try and demonstrate trial outcomes?

In Queensland, funding success is more certain if there is a  demonstrated regional approach where the investment can benefit a number of regional local governments and business.

Did you know that Resource Innovations can support your organisation with grant applications? We have significant experience in business case development and can help you craft a narrative and build capacity to improve success.


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