Surface Water Management

Who we are

Resource Innovations combines strategy, financial analysis and engineering expertise to help our clients take their projects from concept to completion. Our boutique consultancy firm, founded in 2010, specialises in environmental and waste management projects.

What we do

Resource Innovations provides the full suite of surface water management support for waste facilities. This includes planning, management and design for clean and dirty water separation, sediment and erosion control, site water balance, local drainage and floodplain management.

Stormwater drainage design

Drainage design for landfills, including stormwater management for separated clean and dirty water across entire sites.

Stormwater management planning

Preparation of site stormwater management plans to support site management and Environmental Approvals.

Flood modelling

TUFLOW modelling of landfill sites to assist with drainage design and floodplain management.

High Efficiency Sediment basin design

Design of HES basins to reduce on-site stormwater storage requirements.

Example surface water management projects

Project 1: Warren’s Hill Landfill:

Stormwater drainage for interim and final landforms.

Project 2: Swanbank Landfills Flood Modelling:

Flood modelling to support site development approvals.

Project 3: Brisbane Landfill:

High Efficiency Sediment (HES) basin review.

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